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Adventure is calling

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« What if we built a truck to go on an adventure for real, with the comfort of a luxurious suite? »

First, Skarabb is the story of the meeting between two lovers and real life lovers. A trip to the Philippines gave them the idea of going on an adventure in a truck, with a maximum comfort.

They discovered the Saurer 10 DM (a military truck) and fell in love with it. While converting it, they realised this dream wasn’t only theirs.

In this urban jungle, we all dream of going on an adventure. But under what conditions? Being free but without any comfort? Staying in a suite but not discovering the country?

They decided to offer the opportunity to travel for real, thanks to a vehicle that makes it possible to go wherever you want, whenever you want, with the comfort of a luxurious suite and maximum safety.

The chemistry between partners in life, who share the same dream of adventure and freedom: the Skarabb project was born.